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Becky Bishop
314-725-5100 / Office
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Qualifications and Education

  • Licensed Realtor with Law Degree
  • BA in Economics and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Kansas
  • I am licensed to practice law in both Missouri and Kansas.
  • As a board-certified health and wellness coach, I understand that creating trusting partnerships using open, honest, and confidential communication is the best way to help my clients meet their real estate needs.
  • My family and I have relocated around the country. We moved back to Saint Louis by choice because we love it here!
  • My numerous experiences getting my house market ready, searching for a new home, packing, traveling, resettling, and rebuilding community allow me to fully understand the home buying/selling process on a personal and professional level. I have seen it all!

What My Professional Experience Brings to My Clients

  • My tenure as a lawyer provides me with exceptional communication skills. I am an active listener. I strive to merge my clients’ expressed needs with my expert knowledge of the process. I have strong advocacy skills and I have honed my mediation and negotiation skills to simplify and clarify the buying/selling experience.         
  • In my previous role, I held a leadership position at a health and fitness non-profit company. Our wellness model focused on a holistic view of health, so I thoughtfully consider the whole person when counseling my real estate clients. Every client has unique needs, desires, requirements, sensibilities, and styles. I pride myself in patiently and intuitively seeking out every possibility for each client and supporting their decision-making process with expert advice.         



  • In my spare time when I am not touring or selling homes, I am a mom of twins who are now young adults. I am also a pet lover with a
    tabby cat and a recently adopted terrier/labrador mix (a terr-or!). My husband and I are both avid Cardinal fans and college basketball fanatics. I played NCAA Division I tennis at KU and I also enjoy golf, biking, yoga, pilates, hiking, and walking.
  • I love to try new restaurants and I look for opportunities to be a “tourist” here as I explore Saint Louis neighborhoods.
  • Updating and rearranging my home is a hobby that I enjoy. I love freshening paint colors, doing remodeling projects and making simple decor changes.


My Mission is to: make the home-buying process a positive and joyful experience. I will prioritize my client’s needs through diligent effort, availability and responsiveness. My goal is to create lasting relationships so my clients are excited to refer me to their family and friends.