Maplewood is one of the early suburbs of St. Louis, established around the turn of the 20th century. Located just outside the city limits, Maplewood was located at the end of one of St. Louis's streetcar lines and was also located near major railroads.  It was built as a bedroom community.  Advertising suggested that people should get away from the city (in an era of common and sooty commercial, industrial, and domestic coal burning) and enjoy the fresh air of less densely populated area that Maplewood provided.  Its historic residential areas were mostly built from 1900 to 1910, and many of well-preserved homes exist today.  Several of these homes have remained in the same family for generations.


The downtown area is a place where one can totally immerse themselves in a most distinctive shopping and dining experience.


• Settled in 1819

Established 1890

• Population approximately 8,200

• Part of Maplewood Richmond Heights school district


Noted for:

• Route 66

• A variety of restaurants and small shops